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Our Catalogue of Fine Releases

All Volumes were 30 minute audio cassettes (all now out of print). Each is carefully recorded from the original 78 rpm disks, which are played on a genuine 1924 Victrola model 210. Several selections may be heard in our ultra-modern Listening Parlour.

Watch for a Victrola Favorites book and CD coming in 2007 from Dust to Digital.

Volume 1   Volume 2 - Japanese music
A selection of obscure 78s recorded directly off the horn of a Victrola. FBT's selection of obscure and strange Japanese 78s recorded off their fine Victrola.

Volume 3   Volume 4 - Alvarius Burmese
Banned by Papal Decree – not available   The all-Burmese selection of obscure 78s as provided by the collection of Alvarius B.

Volume 5 - Chinese Opera   Volume 6 - From the Collection of the Late Dr. S. William
A selection of obscure Chinese opera from old 78s as selected by a certain someone from the Climax Golden Twins. A selection of obscure sweet music (organ music and pop songs) from old 78s as selected by the infamous Dr. Colburn. A listening companion to the New Session People album, Famous Songs From Days Gone By -- a tribute to Ken Griffin.

Volume 7 - Hawaiian Music   Volume 8 - Hillbilly, Country and Folk music
Sweet and lovely music from Hawaii - solos, duets and larger ensembles recorded mostly in the 1920s and reproduced for you, the discerning listener, on a 1924 Victrola.

(Listen to a fine performance by Frank Ferrera from this Volume.)
  Scratchy mountain music about liquor, heartaches and more liquor. "Feed Me on Cornbread and Cheese, Dear Lord."

(Listen to a song by Kelly Harrell included in this Volume.)

Volume 9 - Turkish Delights   Volume 10 - Jazz, Pop, and Novelty tunes from the 1920s
Turkish music from the early part of this century: classical instrumental and vocal pieces as well as strange comedy numbers.

(Listen to a Turkish tale excerpted from this Volume.)
  Jazz and pop novelty numbers from the 1920s: hot bands, sweet bands, instrumental and vocal, even a little vaudeville.

(Listen to a song by Hamtree Harrington appearing in this Volume.)

Copyright © MMI Climax Golden Twins, Seattle, Washington, USA.