Including related releases and films.

  • 2006
    • Climax Golden Twins (LP)
      Conspiracy Records (core039)
      Limited edition
      Contains some songs, some collage, 78rpm records, hillbilly acoustics, an ambient caveman number featuring Erin Sullivan from the mighty A Frames...and more... Released as part of Conspiracy Records' tenth anniversary 12-LP series, all pressed on heavy 180-gram vinyl and featuring hand-screened covers.
    • Robert Millis: Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan (DVD)
      Sublime Frequencies (SF 26)
      Phi Ta Khon is a film that documents a Buddhist ghost-festival held yearly in Thailand's Isan province. Wearing beautiful masks, ghosts, devils, demons, and spirits are unleashed for a bacchanal. Outrageous wooden phalluses and plenty of homebrewed rice whiskey heighten licentious behavior as Molam blasts from makeshift bands in the back of pick up trucks...
  • 2005
    • Liver and Bacon (3-inch CD)
      Palsy (Palsy 05)
      Ridiculolus noise performance collaboration with Rob Millis and Jesse Paul Miller featuring an appearance by Groucho Marx.
    • Untitled (3-inch CD)
      Testing Ground (TEST019)
      Three-inch CD with lovely cover by Marefumi Komura released as part of the B-sides project on the Barcelona-based label, Testing Ground. A quiet acoustic song, a long ambient speaker buster. "...someone washes dishes and the disc rebuilds up to a hill of tones, chimes and finally sniveling water creatures fighting and a guitar drone builds, peaks, and leaves you in dust." — EAR/Rational Music.
    • Robert Millis: Harmika Yab Yum: Folk Sounds From Nepal (CD)
      Sublime Frequencies (SF 017)
      Harmika Yab Yum is a divine blend of radio excerpts and field recordings from Nepal compiled by Robert Millis. This exciting mosaic snares among other oddities, a "King Cobra" snake charmer, the sounds of slaughtering buffaloes and guns firing amidst a Durga Puja festival, dreamy folk music, Sarangi and Harmonium players seeping in from unknown radio signals, pounding drums, praying monks, child choruses, street sermons, loudspeaker promotionals, and quiet footsteps at the top of the world.
  • 2004
    • Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered (CD)
      North East Indie (NEI 34)
      A fairly quiet and lovely affair. Old home-recorded records with scratchy voices from the past, drones and ambiance, acoustic guitars, strange instruments, and even some songs.
    • Robert Millis: Leaf Music Drunks Distant Drums — Recordings from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar (CD)
      Anomalous Records (NOM26)
      Available from Sublime Frequencies
      A release from one of the Climax Golden minions...a mix of ambiance and music including a beguiling improvisation performed by an elephant mahout using only a leaf, ethereal temple orchestras, insect choruses, stagecoach rides, singing cabbies, drunken spirit orchestras performing Leo Sayer songs, naughty and nice children...an impressionistic ride from the 21st century Thailand to the medieval corners of Myanmar...strange meetings of natural and supernatural, East and West...
    • compilation: Patchouli and Echoes (2 x CDR)
      Chocolate Monk (CHOC-097) / 777 Was 666 (777-002)
      A dual-label double CDR compilation assembled by Dylan Nyoukis, Hitomi Arimoto and Don Bolles. Features artwork by Nyoukis. The track "Standard Bearer" features Blowhole with Climax Golden Twins and Dave Knott. Also included are recordings by Sun City Girls, Tower Recordings, Musica Transonic, Beast People, Shadow Ring, Space Machine, Ashtray Navigations, Ron of Japan, and many others.
    • compilation: Various Artists (2 x CD)
      Xing Wu (XWU5001CD)
      A double CD compilation from Malaysia featuring experimental and electronic works from Climax Golden Twins ("Relinquish"), Jeph Jerman, Reynols, Oren Ambarchi, Eric LaCasa, Carl Stone, Matt Shoemaker and more.
  • 2003
    • JTaylor/RMillis (CS)
      Since 1972 (AD72 06)
      One side banjo and guitar improv, the other side songs and electronics and field recordings. Forced on to one cassette by degenerate hillbillies... "Cassettes: the cockroach of the audio industry" — Dr. S. William Colburn, noted Audiologist.
    • The Phonographer's Union Live on Sonarchy Radio (CD)
      Accretions (alp033)
      Live recording by members of the Seattle Phonographer's Union, of which one Twin is a sort of member. Field and environmental recordings, experimental microphones, minidisks, DAT players, audio geeks...
    • Live in the 21st Century (CDR)
      Kabukikore (KKCD45)
      Very limited CDR release. Just what it says it is: live recordings...acoustic Blue Heavens, heavy sludge, the Theme from Climax Golden Twins, Football Ragas, drifting ambiance, punctuated by the odd fart and burble from mostly bemused audiences. Special guests include members of Kinski and Richard Bishop (sir). Issued in a gatefold cover.
    • Messenger Girls Trio (LP)
      Anomalous Records (NOM18)
      Limited edition of 200
      Acoustic guitar collage collaborations by Rob Millis, Jeffery Taylor, Dave Knott, and Richard Bishop.
    • fuck ups (CS)
      Since 1972 (AD72 08)
      A vaguely sanctioned bootleg...early recordings of noise and guitar. Some material that has turned up elsewhere but who can exactly remember? They'll be hearing from our lawyers.
  • 2002
    • Lovely (CD)
      Anomalous Records (NOM15)
      Limited edition of 500
      Lovely was recorded some time ago and then forgotten. It resurfaced years later and was reworked as an hour-long immersive gallery installation. In 1998, Gravelvoice Records released a limited CDR version of Lovely that came with a pillow and many people were comforted and coaxed into dreamland by this winning combination.
      However, many people already owned their own pillow and were not interested in acquiring another and unfortunately this was apparently the only way to acquire the Lovely sleep-inducing CD. Until now. We hope you will enjoy this disc. Sweet dreams.
    • animist orchestra: wuwei (CD)
      Anomalous Records (NOM14)
      Limited edition of 500
      Climax Golden Twins were members of the ensemble
      In Seattle in 1996, Jeph Jerman began giving solo improvisational performances using mainly natural objects (stones, shells, pine cones etc.) as "instruments". In June of 1999, the animist orchestra began its history as an ensemble, meeting nearly every week for three months to play and discuss their playing. This CD documents their work together and shows Jeph's "admiration and gratitude for the friends who have agreed to join." The animist orchestra were: Jeph Jerman, Eleanor Gallagher, Mike Shannon, Dave Knott, Rob Millis and Jefferey Taylor.
  • 2001
    • Session 9 motion picture soundtrack (CD)
      Milan Records (35957-2)
      What happens when a group of asbestos removal workers start their work in an abandoned insane asylum...? We start making scarey noises, that's what. The label's web page has some brief audio samples.
    • Climax Golden Twins (aka the rock album) (CD & LP)
      CD - Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT 007)
      LP - Since 1972 - Limited edition of 200
      Strange and skewed songs and instrumentals: guitars, found sounds, drums, percussions, distortions, manipulations... Guests include Jeph Jerman, John Vallier, and Scott Colburn among other dreadful individuals. Does your mother know I'm here? Guitars are amplified and the drums are served at room temperature.
    • compilation: "an uncommon nature" (LP)
      Anomalous Records (NOM6)
      Limited edition of 1065
      A compilation album based around recordings from the outdoors. While unified by a common theme, the tracks are quite varied. The piece by Climax Golden Twins is entitled "The Card Game". Also featuring Jeph Jerman, Mirror, Dave Knott, Richard Lehrman, Monos, Mike Shannon, Jonathan Coleclough, and others. Issued with 4 postcards.
  • 2000
    • Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds (LP & CD)
      LP - Anomalous Records (FBT006) - Ltd. ed. of 550 (white vinyl)
      CD - meme (MEME 018)
      Recorded 1999, released in 2000. Manipulated tones, instruments, static, disembodied voices, lovely drones, site recordings, scratchy records, five second punk rock wipeouts — all edited, compressed, collaged and distressed.
    • Climax Golden Twins Meet DASL-Zen Tread
      Fire Breathing Turtle / Overheard And Rendered
      MP3-only release
      The meeting of the minds, the dynamics of the duos, the ....... nevermind.
    • Live Vol. 4: Imperial Household Orchestra (10-inch EP)
      Anomalous Records (FBT005D)
      Limited edition of 208
      Vinyl re-release of the 1997 cassette.
    • Live Vol. 3: Novelty Accompaniment (10-inch EP)
      Anomalous Records (FBT005C)
      Limited edition of 204
      Vinyl re-release of the 1997 cassette.
  • 1999
    • Live Vol. 2: New York Radio (10-inch EP)
      Anomalous Records (FBT005B)
      Limited edition of 200
      Vinyl re-release of the 1997 cassette.
    • Live Vol. 1: Speakeasy/Other Sounds (10-inch EP)
      Anomalous Records (FBT005A)
      Limited edition of 201
      Vinyl re-release of the 1997 cassette.
    • Vote Robot: Versions (LP)
      Vegas Set at 33 (Vpint #004)
      Limited edition of 100
      Remixes by Vote Robot, CGT, Will Simmons, and others. In sealed, silk screened paper bag sleeve.
  • 1998
    • Climax Golden Twins (aka Locations) (CD)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT004)
      White cover, also
      Limited edition black cover
      "...an aural picture postcard from a foreign land, but enriched with a palpable sense of the alien-ness of foreign culture which comes over so strongly you can taste it like a mouthful of pungent exotic spice." — Sound Projector #7.
      Released in 1998 and composed of many hours of site and ambiance recordings made around the globe: markets, temples, hotels, next door neighbors, gamelan orchestras, Indian mumbles, calls to prayer, distilled into an intricately edited work, and packaged in a folded foil stamped sleeve.
    • Lovely Drone (Night Night, vol. 1) (CDR and pillow)
      Gravelvoice (GVR-016)
      Quiet and cyclical music, a lovely drone, packaged not with Buckwheat Zydeco but with a buckwheat hull pillow. First volume in what was a planned series of releases to help the populace sleep peacefully. After Lovely, though, no more releases were necessary. Its soporific efects were unprecedented!
    • compilation: Does Time Affect Memory (2-CD)
      Amanita (AMA 49)
      Double-CD compilation featuring 27 groups from around the world. The Climax Golden Twins cut is titled "Vote Robot remix".
    • compilation: North America vs. Europe (2 x CS)
      Cactus Gum Recordings, 1998 (Cactus 40)
      The CGT piece "Yao Su-Song" appeared on Side B of the "North America" tape of this double compilation.
    • guest: After the Flood: ATF-2 (CD and CS)
      AE / World Domination (AE 6)
      Jeff appears as a guest musician. Somewhere.
  • 1997
    • Jesse Paul Miller: Secret Records (7-inch EP)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT003)
      Unnumbered edition of 375 in letterpress sleeve with insert.
      An extremely limited number came w/ a genuine Secret Record.
      Secret Records are cast from vinyl records using epoxy resin. The resulting epoxy record has inverted grooves. Found objects (fabrics, drawings, leaves...) are embedded in the translucent epoxy as it sets. Each secret record is unique in appearance and source mold. The softness of the epoxy creates grooves which change slowly while locking and skipping. The Secret Records sound hazy, inverted, and distressed; backward, distorted, and damaged. This is a collage of sounds from Jesse's favorite Secret Records. (CGT co-produced the 7-inch vinyl.)
    • Live Vol. 1: Speakeasy (CS)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT004)
      An edit of two 1996 live recordings at the (now-burnt) Speakeasy Cafe in Seattle, WA. These shows were part of the Other Sounds concert and radio series. Re-released on limited edition vinyl in 1999.
    • Live Vol. 2: New York Radio (CS)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT005)
      Originally produced for the WKCR (Columbia University, NY) Live Constructions show, with your host Matt Moses, in March of 1997. CGT transmitted their performance live from Seattle over the telephone to WKCR in New York. That signal was mixed and processed at WKCR with prerecorded material sent in advance from Seattle. Side one is what was played in the studio in Seattle; side two is what was actually heard on the airwaves in New York City. You figure it out. Re-released on limited edition vinyl in 1999.
    • Live Vol. 3: Rendezvous (CS)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT006)
      Comprised of various improvs, sessions and live shows with various people. It includes a hyper-stereo recording of the Twins at the Rendezvous Tavern in Seattle, WA. Re-released on limited edition vinyl in 2000.
    • Live Vol. 4: Imperial Festival (CS)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT007)
      Recordings from a performance in which an entire house was wired for sound. We played live from a secret location hidden within the house. Re-released on limited edition vinyl in 2000.
    • compilation: My Baby Does Good Sculptures (CD)
      Bananafish / Starlight Furniture Co. (BF12)
      The track "Locations" was a specially-prepared condensation of material and pieces later relased on the so-called Locations CD in 1998. This 12-track compilation was included in Bananafish number 12, and also included Iancu Dumitrescu, Neil Hamburger, Monde Bruits, and others.
  • 1996
    • Imperial Household Orchestra (CD)
      Scratch (Scratch 23)
      A concoction of organic and inorganic instruments, ambiances, electronics, and tape debris of real and imagined origin. Packaged in an embossed paper sleeve that seems to really confuse simple-minded people. "How the hell do I fold it shut?"
    • Climax Golden Twins (7-inch white vinyl EP)
      Road Cone (RoCo 016)
      Excerpted from the Road Cone catalog: "Seattle's gloriously weird Climax Golden Twins foist another montage of sneaky sounds upon us...both sides of the white vinyl revel in turntable and tape manipulation and end with some recently-unearthed acoustic damage-beauty...an imaginative and unpretentious approach to collaged sound." Lovely sleeve too, we might add.
    • Recycled Music (CS)
      This cassette was casually included with some correspondence to Ron. He wrote back and told us that he had taken it upon himself to issue it as part of his Recycled Series. So there it is.
  • 1995
    • Climax Golden Twins (3-inch CD)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT002)
      "...the languid stroking of gazelles, giggling Montagnard children, the smell of wild ginger, a foggy backyard, songs of Balinese showers, imaginary tropical torpor...restrained, formally beautiful." — ND Magazine no. 20.
      Sparse and delicate noises, more field recordings and odd musical interludes. Make sure that ceremonial hairdo is just so...
    • Hiss (CS)
      Union Pole (UP #32)
      Rock and skronk focused, with guitars, cellos, drums, noises off, electronics, and lots of hiss. It didn't seem that bad when it was put together but Seymour Glass described it as "barely defined by the faded pastels of audio amnesia...no matter how high you turn up the volume, it still sounds like the speakers are in the next apartment." — Bananafish no. 11.
      Possibly out of print — most likely due to disinterest — but who knows? Plenty might be lurking in the Union Pole bunkers deep beneath Portland, OR.
    • compilation: Tinker Compilation (CD)
      Tinker (TKR7)
      One untitled cut by CGT appears on this compilation.
    • Eyeless Fabrication (CS)
      EF Cassettes (EF 140)
      Thirty minutes of noise, the patented flap guitar, punk rock, Chinese climaxes, collage and other oddities. Released with full color cover and hand painted labels by the now defunct EF Cassettes.
  • 1994
    • Climax Golden Twins (2 x 7-inch EP)
      Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT001)
      Limited edition of 300
      Long out-of-print debut. Oddball rock numbers, lo-fi carpets, occasional drumming, breaking glass, and an old Nepalese man's beautiful song.