photograph of climax golden twins

In addition to our discography and curious live performances, Climax Golden Twins and members thereof have created music for film, dance, theatre, radio, art galleries and museums, even movie trailers. Following is a sampling of what we have done over the years and with whom.

  • 2006
    • West Coast tour
      Shows with Sea Donkeys, Porest, Herb Diamante and others.
    • May I Light Your Cigarette
      Series of videos created for the delightful Herb Diamante and his psychedelic revue of wonders.
    • Harry Smith: Audio Alchemy
      Performance collage of sounds recorded, used and abused by Harry Smith as part of the Northwest Film Forum's Harry Smith: Connections and Transformations festival.
    • breath-memory
      Short video by artist Etsuko Ichikawa with music by Climax Golden Twins.
    • Take One
      Exquisite audio corpse. Glassel Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Other participants included WFMU's Brian Turner, Michael Mahalchick, Irene Moon, and members of Excepter and Country Teasers.
  • 2005
    • Talking Machine
      Installation created as part of In Resonance, a sound art exhibition that featured Steve Roden, Toshiya Tsunoda, Thurston Moore, Stephen Vitiello, Jesse Paul Miller, Jim Haynes, and others installed at the Seattle Center during the Bumbershoot Arts Festival. It is rumored that Robert Millis co-curated this exhibition that included a catalog and a limited edition CDR created on the spot by members of the Seattle Phonographer's Union.
    • Aqua Art Sound Broadcast
      Contributed sound piece for installation curated by artists Susan Robb and Wyndel Hunt for Aqua Art Miami, part of Art Basel/Miami (or perhaps in answer to Basel/Miami...).
    • The Mangler Reborn
      Creepy sounds for a creepy film by Matt Cunningham and Erik Gardner. The massacre continues...
    • Bathroom Sound
      Bathroom Sound Series, Monkey Town
      Sounds for Williamsburg, Brooklyn art gallery performance space and restaurant.
    • Pirate Radio USA
      An independent feature film by Mary Jones and Jeff Pearson.
  • 2004
    • Ten Years of Music and Design
      Retrospective Climax Golden Twins design and ephemera show at Priceless Works Gallery, Seattle, WA.
    • East Coast tour
      Shows with Cerberus Shoal, Mica Blue Smaldone, Kayo Dot, Chris Corsano, Wally Shoup, Thurston Moore, and others.
    • People and Arts
      Sound design and music for six People and Arts station IDs on the Discovery Channel.
    • Next Big Thing
      Environmental or "field" recordings for the NPR radio show, The Next Big Thing.
    • Savvy Traveler
      Environmental recordings for the NPR radio show, The Savvy Traveler.
    • Unsung
      Independent feature film from Thinkfast Productions about a karaoke filmmaker's plans for revenge and glory. Featured some CGT tracks, most notably ridiculously in the dream-like sequence wherein the protagonists make an "experimental" film.
    • One Hour As 78rpm
      Collage of 78rpm records played on old Victrolas, created for the London, England radio station, Resonance FM.
    • Relative Things
      Dialog and sound editing for feature film. Not a dry eye in the house as the family all joins hands around their dead sister. Hat Factory Productions, Bainbridge Island, WA.
  • 2003
    • Ring of Spone: Reliquaries and Memento Mori by Charles Kraft
      Performance at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Seattle, WA to accompany an installation of reliquaries and film by artist Charles Kraft. Not our finest performance...who goes to art openings to pay attention...but one of the strangest venues we have ever played.
  • 2002
    • The Deal
      Music and sound design for short film about teenage angst and drug use. Sounds like fun. Sign me up. Out of Cake Productions, Portland, ME.
    • Festival International de Muzica de Computer si Alternativa
      Music festival in Romania, organized by Iancu Dumitrescu, that included tape performance of CGT's Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds.
  • 2001
    • Session 9
      Score for the feature film directed by Brad Anderson. Produced by USA Films, now called Focus Features. Starring David Caruso, Josh Lucas, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle and others. A dark film about a decommissioned insane asylum, mortified pride and disappointed expectations. Also lobotomies. Music from our score has been used in trailers for other horror films, including The Village and War of the Worlds. Milan International released our soundtrack on CD, which we personally mixed and sequenced.
    • Voluntary Observers
      A series of site-specific installations created in collaboration with Edward Mannery and Donald Fels as artists in residence at Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
    • What We Are No Longer Here
      Score for choreography by Aiko Kinoshita and the Tradewinds Dance Project. Performed in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chicago and Seattle.
    • New Populations
      Performance collaboration with Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), LA, CA.
    • New Sound at the Henry
      In conjunction with Volume: Bed of Sound
      Performance curators for a series of shows at the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.
    • Shades of Parkland: Widow, Bride and Policeman
      Music for "an art song and murder ballad opera" directed by Curtis Taylor, Vodvil Theatre, Seattle, WA.
  • 2000
    • And It Was
      Sound design and music for choreography by the Maureen Whiting Company. Performed in Los Angeles and Seattle.
    • Tryst
      Score for four Samuel Beckett plays, Out of Cake Productions, Portland, ME.
  • 1999
    • Drink Me
      Score and sound design for independent feature film written and directed by Louis Frederick, Out of Cake Productions, Portland, ME. Strange ambiances and sounds for a film that somehow involved a church, an orphan, televisions, ice cream trucks, priests who want sweets, hats, a blind woman and kidnapping small children.
  • 1998
    • Grass: A Nation Battles for Life (1925)
      Score for a beautiful film from 1925 about the yearly migrations of a nomadic tribe in present-day Persia and Turkey. Produced and directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack (the same people who brought you Siam, and later King Kong) and Marguerite Harrison (a journalist and sometimes spy). We created from collaged 78rpm records from the same time period and regions as the film. Originally for screenings at the Northwest Film Forum, we also performed the score live in 2002 at the Experience Music Project and in 2004 at the Rendezvous Café. Very scratchy.
    • Secret Records
      Production on fantastic audio project by visual artist Jesse Paul Miller. Miller created beautiful cast epoxy resin records that made horrifying sounds.
    • Survival System Train
      Interactive sculpture performance and exhibition by Kenji Yanobe. Sound environment created by a Climax Twin to accompany the opening-night performance by Kenji Yanobe.
  • 1997
    • Seven Ply: Plywood and Memory
      Installation at the Bellevue Art Museum by visual artist Donald Fels, that examined memory and...plywood. Forest scenes, plywood factories, flying airplanes over the Himalaya, a child's room, box car derbies, shopping carts in parking lots, stories and recollections, hidden and vintage speakers: CGT recorded and created many sonic environments for this installation.
    • Le Tonnare
      Collage of field recordings (from Italy) to underscore paintings by Donald Fels. Installed at Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA. For more information on our work with field and ambiance recordings go here.
    • Ear as Eye: Drawings by Sound Artists
      CGT contributed visual work and original music. Exhibition curated by Steve Roden and Brandon LaBelle. Made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and The Foundation for Contemporary Performing Arts (AOSI).
    • Bryan Ohno Gallery Installation
      Immersive sound installation commissioned from CGT by Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle, WA. Later the piece was slightly modified and released on CDR by Gravelvoice Records and eventually on CD by Anomalous Records.
    • Pomegranate Kiss
      Score for video installation by Felicia Oh! in Los Angeles, CA. It might have sounded like shit, then again, it might have been an under appreciated work of incomprehensible genius. It's hard to tell. We weren't there.
  • 1994
    • Le Mystère de la tour Eiffel, Magic Cauldron, and Ellis Island
      More scores for old silent films performed as live accompaniment. The early days of Climax Golden Twins. There was a cap gun for the Magic Cauldron film that didn't work.
  • 1993
    • 100 Bowls of Water
      Score and sound design for choreography by Stillwater Butoh performed at Gasworks Park in Seattle. In the rain. In a tent. Making a hell of a racket and needing to urinate but not being able to leave the tent and it went on for hours and hours and it rained.
    • Long and Short of Alice
      Score and sound design for choreography by Dappin Butoh, performed at the third annual Seattle Fringe Festival. The resulting music was the real beginning of Climax Golden Twins and led one reviewer to exclaim: "...and special kudos for the arresting tape collage".